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A distance learning solution for guitarists.

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I’m Greg Varhaug, and I’ve been a professional musician and teacher for more than 20 years.

I teach guitar and bass lessons on Skype. And I provide my students with access to hundreds of play-along practice videos.

The practice videos are part of a complete program to familiarize you with the techniques and concepts you need to play at a professional level.

I’m well-versed in most popular styles, including classic rock, blues, country, reggae and jazz. I can sound like almost anyone I want.

My approach is designed to give you the skills you need to play with real music in real time. Your ability to play in time with real music is the most important goal when you’re learning an instrument, and it’s the real measure of your skill.

One of my approaches is the ‘virtual group.’ Using specialized looping software, my students are playing along with songs like Sweet Home Alabama, Back In Black, November Rain, and hundreds of others.

I invite you to try a different approach to learning guitar or bass - and get a different view of music and how to relate directly to music.